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Credit Expert Witness

Expert Credit Witness And Legal Consultant Services

Credit Expert Witness and Credit Damage Expert

A credit expert witness and credit damage expert, by virtue of their professional experience, has a unique understanding of and about the consumer credit environment and how it works. John’s experience in the credit reporting and credit scoring industries make him an invaluable part of any legal team involved with consumer credit related litigation including credit damage assessment, credit report damages, FDCPA, FCRA, FACTA, FICO scoring, and reasonable procedures.

John has been a part of the consumer credit environment since 1991 including 6 years at Equifax Credit Information Services, 7 years with FICO, inventors of the FICO┬« credit scoring system and 4 years with His understanding of the inner workings of credit bureaus, credit reports, credit reporting practices, the credit bureau’s discovery capabilities, and FICO score design and development has made him a highly sought after credit expert witness for attorneys engaged in consumer credit litigation. An expert credit witness since 2003, John has been an expert in over 100 cases. To date, John’s case distribution is 50/50 consumer/industry.

He has authored numerous educational books on the topic of credit including the recently released “You’re Nothing but a Number.” He is a frequent contributor of credit analysis for various outlets including CNBC, USA TODAY, FOX Business Network, CNN, Oprah and Friends, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, American Banker, Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, MarketWatch,, The New York Post, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune,,, and other regional business and consumer media.

John is twice FCRA certified by the credit reporting agency’s trade association.

For a free copy of John’s white paper entitled, “Common Mistakes Made By Ineffective Expert Credit Witnesses”, contact John here or by phone at 866.985.8884

Download John’s CV here

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