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  1. You're the best teacher on the subject (credit scoring) I've ever had.

    Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC’s Today Show and featured money coach on Oprah's "Debt Diet" series.

  2. John has a rare combination of expertise and passion that make him a dynamic educator. His knowledge comes from many years spent in the inner sanctums of Fair Isaac and Equifax. Fortunately, he isn't afraid to share what he learned at those companies. If you want the inside scoop on credit scores and bureau reports, John is simply the best.

    Craig Watts
    Public Affairs Manager
    Fair Isaac Corporation

  3. John Ulzheimer is the expert when it comes to credit scoring. The insider information he has to share is powerful, dynamic and, most importantly, can save you a ton of money and grief. If you really want to know the best way to manage your credit, listen to John.

    Gerri Detweiler, consumer advocate and author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook

  4. John is a world-class credit expert. His knowledge is broad, as well as deep, and he makes complex topics simple with plain-speak and a sense of humor. If you're experiencing credit-related issues, then you have to spend time with John.

    Scott Mitic, CEO, TrustedID, Inc.

  5. It takes a special person indeed to convince high school seniors that their credit history is something they should cultivate, but John Ulzheimer accomplished just this when he presented compelling reasons for young people to begin now to craft a credit history that will work for them rather than against them as they enter the adult world. Real world examples presented in a dynamic way show students how credit scores are created and how they can influence one’s entire financial life. Students are convinced of the importance of starting early to manage their credit history so as to maximize their financial opportunities.

    Sally Finch, Economics Teacher, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta Georgia

  6. John Ulzheimer's comprehensive knowledge of credit and credit scoring and his passionate presentation style make him the perfect speaker for all audiences. His expert status makes him an invaluable resource. Anyone with credit related issues would surely benefit from spending time with John.

    Bobbie D Munroe, CFP®
    Fraser Financial
    Chairman Emeritus, Financial Planning Association of Georgia

  7. When John Ulzheimer first approached the Emory Center for Lifelong Learning about teaching "All The Secrets You'll Never Hear About Your Credit Scores", I immediately realized the class would be an impactful addition to the Evening at Emory program. My team and I considered ourselves savvy consumers yet we were stunned by how much we learned in a very brief teaching demonstration. John was hired! John has proven time and time again that our impressions of his presentation skill and extensive knowledge were right on target. He has the ability to teach an esoteric topic in a dynamic, captivating way that is very easy to understand. John always uses examples to explain his concepts that are well suited to the audience whether they are individuals with large investment portfolios or consumers struggling to navigate the financial landscape. The evaluations John receives from his students read like fan mail and include:

    • "One of the best and most useful courses I've taken through any continuing education program."
    • "He was an expert on the topic. That gave me confidence that he taught accurate, current
        information. He was friendly and approachable."
    • "John is a spectacular teacher. He makes the information interesting and uses humor well."
    • "Outstanding - approached material with fresh enthusiasm not like he's shared it thousands of

    Lisa Kozicki
    Director, Evening at Emory
    Emory Center for Lifelong Learning

  8. John Ulzheimer possesses such a unique background in both the Credit Reporting and Credit Scoring world that he brings a kind of Behind the Scenes quality to what he is presenting. I have personally seen him captivate audiences that vary from students to teachers to business professionals as well as credit counselors. If I had a credit related question he would be one of the first people I would call.

    Nancy Schwartzmiller
    Executive Director
    Georgia Consortium for Personal Financial Literacy

  9. John Ulzheimer is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His ability to create excitement in understanding the ins and outs of credit and finances is amazing. I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to engage not only our high school seniors on this topic but also fellow colleagues and myself. His presentation creates a motivation to be proactive in handling finances as he ignites a deeper understanding of this vital life skill. I remember our high school seniors lining up to ask additional questions following the presentation; that in and of itself is a testimony of John's ability to share a meaningful and personal connection while educating others on the powerful rewards and consequences of financial responsibility.

    Alicia Gibson, Counselor, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta Georgia

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