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John’s information is spot-on, providing consumers with timely and relevant financial education tips in a user-friendly manner. In the increasingly complex world of personal finance, John Ulzheimer is a consumer’s dream come true.

Gail Cunningham, VP of Public Relations National Foundation for Credit Counseling

If you want the inside scoop on credit scores and bureau reports, John is simply the best.

Craig Watts, Public Affairs Manager, Fair Isaac Corporation

You’re the best teacher on the subject (credit scoring) I’ve ever had.

Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC’s Today Show and featured money coach on Oprah’s “Debt Diet” series.

John is a world-class expert. His knowledge is broad, as well as deep, and he makes complex topics simple with plain-speak and a sense of humor. If you’re experiencing credit-related issues, then you have to spend time with John.

Scott Mitic, CEO, Trusted ID, Inc.

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John Appears on FOX’s Good Day Atlanta and Talks Credit Score Disclosure Rules

John Ulzheimer on Your Credit Score:

John is interviewed on FOX and discusses score disclosure rules and CFPB study on credit scores

John is Interviewed on FOX and discusses Rewards Cards

John is Interviewed on FOX and Discusses Credit Score Disclosure Legislation Effective July 21, 2011

What’s the Cheapest Way to Get All Three of Your FICO Scores?

John – I want to get my FICO scores. I’m confused about the options. What is the best and cheapest way to get all three of them?

Answer – That’s a very easy question with a very complicated answer. There is no retail website where you can go buy your three FICO credit scores. It simply doesn’t exist. There are a ton of websites that will gladly sell you 3 scores, but they won’t be FICO scores. The only way you can get all three of them is to apply for a mortgage loan (or get pre-qualified). The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that mortgage lenders disclose your scores to you when you’ve applied for a mortgage loan. It’s a radical step to take just to get your three FICO scores, but it’s the only way. Sorry!

John is interviewed by FOX and discusses credit card security

Can I Force Collectors to Delete Collections From Credit Reports?

John – My question is; I want to pay off some old debts in full. I would like to do “pay for removal.” Should I call them and say I am willing to pay off the debt but they must send me on a letter on company letterhead that spells out they will remove the debt from all three major credit-reporting agencies, or can I send them a letter?

Answer – Be careful when talking “pay for delete” with lenders and collection agencies. It’s tempting for collectors to offer pay for delete structures but then not actually honor them. And, the credit bureaus may not honor the arrangement even if they send a letter asking for the removal of the negative credit reporting. Normally the credit bureaus frown on the pay for delete agreements. Normally the only reason an item would be removed from a credit report is if it’s incorrect or cannot be verified.

John is interviewed on FOX Atlanta about medical collections

Medical Debt Responsibility Act May Aid Consumers:

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